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We are Rooftop Development Specialists

We have a vast knowledge and experience in roof top development and advanced modular construction. You and your property could not be in safer hands

A More Eco-Friendly Building Process

The modular construction and facility-controlled process generates less waste, means fewer site deliveries and allows for greater quality control

Unlock the Potential of your London Property

Turn your roof into an asset

What is airspace? is a trading name of London Air Space PLC, a London based rooftop development specialist that converts unused 'airspace' above residential, commercial and public building rooftops into new homes.

We have a range of options we can offer freeholders where 'airspace' can be utilised to convert this space into new apartments and generate additional returns. Freeholders may be local councils, housing associations, body corporates, retailers or other types of private entities.

This type of development can also add value to the building as a whole through refurbishment to the facade and improvements to the property entrance and common areas which is of benefit to the existing residents.

Office Block
Rooftop Reform
Overlooking the Thames

Why airspace?

London has a tremendous shortage of homes with only limited available land on which to build. Building in airspace takes advantage of unused airspace to create more homes.

Owners and residents of buildings with available airspace can benefit from: financial payments for use of the airspace; potential additional ground rent and service charges; the building fabric, kerb appeal and value of the overall building can be improved and future roof area maintenance costs can be eliminated.

Profit from our partnership

We are roof top development specialists and have the expertise to deliver entire development projects from conception to completion at no cost to you.

We have a vast knowledge and experience in roof top development and advanced modular construction. You and your property could not be in safer hands.

We take the financial risk to appraise the property and its structural integrity, undertake initial designs, achieve planning permission and complete the project with minimal disturbance to existing occupiers.

Rooftop Development
Crane lifting a rooftop development into place

In every project we undertake, further works to the building will be carried out to include improved common parts, entrance hall redesign and garden landscaping.

More than conventional developers we are particularly familiar with the sensitivities of rooftop development and how to work with all residents and stakeholders.

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